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Penelope Alice Boyer
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covid-19 moderna vaccine received - January-February 2021

Born December 24, 1960 – New York, NY


2011        Ph.D. Magna Cum Laude, EGS/European Graduate School, Division of Media and Communications, Saas-Fee, Switzerland
1988        M.A., Performance Studies, New York University, New York, NY
1982        B.A., Theatre/Comparative Literature, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA


2019       Wiki Scholar, Wikipedia Education + National Archives and Records Administration (basic and advanced)
2019        National Association of Interpreters Certification
2016-17  Alamo Area Master Naturalists Certification (Class 38)
2015       Climate Reality Leadership Training with Al Gore (Cedar Rapids, IA); 2016 Mentor (Houston, TX)


Currently underway (2020-2021): So She Told Me or Erasing Odysseus (tentative title), a novel-length piece of feminist neo-mythic fiction

My Great High-Roofed House ~  Homer’s Penelope:  Praxis, Phenomenology, Paradigm, Perphrasis, Periphron, Poludeukés.  New York & Dresden:  Atropos Press, 2012.

The Field Guide to the Arts:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Arts Funding in America…But Were Afraid to Ask Jesse Helms, co-author with Simon Watson.  New York:  The New Press, 1998  (incomplete/unpublished paperback)

“Transforming Higher Education with Distributed Open Collaborative Courses (DOCCs): Feminist Pedagogies and Networked Learning“ co-author with Erica M. Behrmann, Cheryl L. Cole, T.L. Cowan, Radhika Gajjala, Liz Losh, Jasmine Rault and Laura Wexler in MOOCs and Open Education Around the World, Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, and Thomas H. Reynolds, eds. (New York: Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2015).

FemTechNet Self-Directed Learners - designed, built content (e.g., suggested syllabi/reading lists, etc.) and moderated online site for DOCC 2013 on the FemTechNet Commons and helped design and moderate the interactive FemTechNet Self-Directed Learners Google+ page with Celine Keller (Germany), 2013.

FemTechNet Bibliography - available online as part of the FemTechNet DOCC 2013 project.

“Mythology as an Emotional Technology,” a book review essay covering Nóra Séllei and June Waudby, eds., She’s Leaving Home: Women’s Writing in English in a European Context (Bern: Peter Lang, 2011); Jennifer Ingleheart, ed., Two Thousand Years of Solitude:  Exile after Ovid (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2011); Fiona Cox, Sibylline Sisters:  Virgil’s Presence in Contemporary Women’s Writing (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2011);Eavan Boland, A Journey With Two Maps: Becoming a Woman Poet (New York:  W.W. Norton & Company, 2011); Gesa Zinn and Maureen Tobin Stanley, eds., Exile through a Gendered Lens:  Women’s Displacement in Recent European History, Literature and Cinema (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012) in “Writing Exile: Women, the Arts, and Technologies,” Wanda Balzano, Silvana Carotenuto, eds., anglistica: An Interdisciplinary Journal, (Naples/Rome, Italy: 2013).
“My Great High-Roofed House:  Homer’s Penelope and Issues of the Impostor,” Plat Journal 1.0, Rice University School of Architecture,  Fall 2010

FemTechNet Digest on Flipboard, and FemTechNet Twitter feed, Primary Content Contributor (12/14 - )

Arts Wire CURRENT. Editor. Among the earliest on-line national weekly news digests, Arts Wire, a project of NYFA--New York Foundation for the Arts. (1/94-10/95)

NAAO Bulletin, the notorious ad hoc communications vessel of the National Association of Artists’ Organizations (NAAO) during the controversy over federal funding of the arts in the early 1990

Representative Editorial/Essay:
“San Antonio as Solar Mural City - Fueled by Monarch Butterflies” (La Voz de Esperanza, December 2019)
“NAAO @ Fales: How it Happened” (essay commissioned by Common Field History Project, November 2018)
 “Snippets from San Antonio’s Bus Station Ministry” (La Voz de Esperanza, October 2018, pp. 8-9)
  “Laura Aguilar, she flew...” (La Voz de Esperanza, June 2018, pp. 7-9)
 “CAM 2012 Preview:  The State of Texas v. Gary Sweeney v. The Art Guys” (San Antonio CURRENT, February 29, 2012)
 “CAM 2012 Preview:  Animals Who Wear Make-Up” (San Antonio CURRENT, February 29, 2012)
 “One Lonely Padlock on Presa Street Bridge Seeks Other Lovers’ Locks” (San Antonio CURRENT Blog, February 13, 2012)
 “Texas Biennial could learn a few things from Venice art explosion” (San Antonio CURRENT: June 22, 2011)
•  “How Many Cops Does It Take To…” (San Antonio CURRENT: May 18, 2010)
•  “Macy’s Most Infamous Elf [David Sedaris] Returns to Say-Town” (San Antonio CURRENT:  October 17, 2007)
•  “Remember the Esperanza (lawsuit)” (San Antonio CURRENT:  October 10, 2007)
•  “Remembrance of Things Queer Here” (San Antonio CURRENT: July 18, 2007)
•  “Forget the Alamo:  It’s Cultural Tourism vs. Cultural Turf” (FYI-New York Foundation for the Arts, Winter 1998, Vol. 13, No. 4)
•  “Of Art, Technology, Trials and Time” (La Voz de Esperanza, May 1998, pp. 7-8)
•  “Victory for Freedom of Expression” (La Voz de Esperanza, December 96/January 97, pp. 20-22)
•  “DiverseNotes Essay:  Brian Jucha, Theatre Writer & Director” (DiverseWorks & Infernal Bridegroom Productions theatre program for Last Rites, December 1997)
•  “Regional Reports—San Antonio:  Art and Politics Intermingled” (Grantmakers in the Arts newsletter, Volume 8, Number 2, Autumn 1997, pp. 46-47
•  “Art & Technology:  Inside-Out at Art-21” (FYI-New York Foundation for the Arts, Summer, 1994, Vol. 10, No. 2)
•  “It’s a Palmy Night for the Bessies” (American Theatre magazine, November 1991, p. 56)
•  “A Moment for Mapplethorpe” (American Theatre magazine, September 1989)
•  “Observant Travellers” (American Theatre magazine, November 1987)
•  Performance reviews (Dan Hurlin, Jennifer Monson, etc.), 108 • East Village Review  1987

Name appears in acknowledgements:
•  Tom Finkelpearl, Dialogues in Public Art.  Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000.
•  Richard Bolton, Culture Wars:  Documents from the Recent Controversies in the Arts.  New York:  The New Press, 1992.
•  Leonora Champagne, Out From Under:  Texts by Women Performance Artists.  New York:  Theatre Communications Group, 1990.
•  Arthur Bartow, The Directors Voice: Twenty-One Interviews.  Arthur Bartow  New York:  Theatre Communications Group, 1988.
 M. Elizabeth Osbore, ed. Dramatists Sourcebook, 1985-86 edition. New York:  Theatre Communications Group, 1985

Portrait Appears In:
Sandra Cisneros, Have You Seen Marie, illustrated by Ester Hernandez (New York: Knopf, 2012) also in award-winning trailer
Kathy Vargas portrait (photography) in Hospice: A Photographic Inquiry, Corcoran Gallery publication (1996)
Conference Presentations
April 2020            Common Field Convening, panel organizer/moderator, “Land Art Generators: Regenerative Design and Community Heritage”
April 2019            Common Field Convening, panel organizer/moderator, “Legends from the Formation of the Field: NAAO & NCFE”
April 2016            Texas A&M Department of Visualization panel discussion on Texas Landscape with A&M geologist Christiann Branstrom and
                            2016 Texas Artist of the Year Dorinth Doherty
August 2015         FemTechNet Summer Workshop: Yale University, a Los Angeles site and online - presentation on Self-Directed Learners
July 2014              Transforming Communities Through Writing Conference, Gemini Ink, San Antonio, TX - Eclectic Community Ecriture
Sept/Oct. 2011    Rewire/Fourth International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Liverpool, England - 
                                       Homer’s Penelope as an Early Tale of Technology:  Hold on, just let me finish textiling  ;  ) 
June 2011            International Social Theory Consortium 10th Annual Meeting, School of Sociology & Philosophy, University College Cork,     
                                      Ireland - The Gyneaceum:  Social Theory & Female [Homo]Sexuality Extended into the Archaic Age, or, Against Athenocentrism

Project Concept/Execution/”Curaturgy”

2019-21   “Ella” - commmunity collaborator with Land Art Generator Initiative and Local Initiatives Support Corporation/LISC-San Antonio for the world’s second Land Art Generator Solar Mural installation, installed on an Eastside site.

2019-20   “En Aquellos Tiempos -- Fotohistorias del Westside” - project director for the world’s first wall-mounted Land Art Generator Solar Mural installation produced by the Esperanza Center on an exterior wall of the Westside’s J.T. Brackenridge Elementary School at the historic crossroads of Guadalupe and South Brazos; an 18-panel array whose power will illuminate the “En Aquellos Tiempos” fotobanners hung along the Guadalupe Street school fence.

2017       Las Monarcas - conceived and collaboratively directed production of the worlds first Land Art Generator Solar Mural installation, a 6.5’x13’ Loteria card depicting a Monarch Butterfly (image by local artist Cruz Ortiz, a co-founder of San Anto Cultural Arts, the premiere mural-producing entity in San Antonio) in recognition of San Antonio’s designation by the National Wildlife Federation as the first Monarch Butterfly Champion City. Partnership between Land Heritage Institute, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), EPIcenter, Luminaria and the Land Art Generator Initiative. Produced with support from OCI Solar, the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation and the Texas Commission on the Arts. World’s first solar mural unveiled at Luminaria 2017 atop a grassy area between two of the three 1960s-era “Confluence of Civilization” murals in HemisFair: O’Gorman’s stone mosaic mural on the Lila Cockrell Theatre and Carlos Merida’s glass tile mosaic on the Convention Center; its permanent home will be at a pollinator garden at EPIcenter feed power into the grid.

2016 -     LISC Empty Lots Projects - Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) projects for empty lots including FOODBOX, a sustainable food pantry and food sources (community garden+orchards) for the Community Housing Resources (CHR) westside constituency powered by a Land Art Generator project, and “Jardines Abuelitas” (grandmother gardens), a westside heritage project matching artists with abuelas to collaborate on jardin hybrids producing plants for healing, health, hunger and happiness.

2015 -     Art On The Ground - Land Heritage Institute cultural programing including Second Saturday Series: One Land ~ Many Hands (April-August); Presnall-Watson Homestead Historic District Design Charrette; 2015 LHI Art-Sci Symposium featuring a talk by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe ~ Climate Change: Facts, Fictions & What It Means to Texas and the LHI Climate Change Artist Commission curated by Southwest School of Art President Paula Owen and myself awarded to Luz María Sánchez.

2014-17   Museo Paseo, curation/concept - a growing series of trail-accessed contemporary art at Land Heritage Institute (LHI) including “Sinsonte” (2017) an audio art app by Luz María Sánchez, “Pon la Mesa” (2014) by Jose Chapa, “Diverse Cultures/One Land” (2010) by Nancy Cavender-Garcia et al and “The Corn Crib” (2009) by Ansen Seale.

2013       FemTechNet ¡Taller!, co-faciliatated by Penelope Boyer and filmmaker/media artist Laura Varela, was conceived as the first community-based, free-and-open-to-the-public, alternative-venue version of FemTechNet’s 2013 DOCC, “Feminist Dialogues on Technology.” “Taller” means“workshop” or “laboratory” in Spanish. FemTechNet is “an activated network of hundreds of scholars, students, and artists who work on, with, and at the borders of technology, science, and feminism in a variety of fields including Science and Technology Studies (STS), Media and Visual Studies, Art, Women’s, Queer, and Ethnic Studies. Launched in 2012, the network has developed and experimented with collaborative processes to address the educational needs of students interested in feminist science-technology studies. One of the current FemTechNet projects is the creation of an alternative to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) called a DOCC: Distributed Open Collaborative Course, to be offered in September-December 2013. The DOCC2013 topic is: Feminist Dialogues on Technology.” DOCC2013 is being taught at over a dozen schools including Brown and Yale, Goldsmith’s London University and Ontario College of Art & Design, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State, Pennsylvania State, Rutgers, Pitzer College, Colby-Sawyer College, CUNY, California State, California Polytech, Bowling Green University and The New School.  The FemTechNet ¡Taller! meets on Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:30pm from September 24 through December 3, 2013 at Geekdom in San Antonio, TX. Geekdom is “a new kind of collaborative coworking space where Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together.”  San Antonio CURRENT front page story about the FemTechNet ¡Taller! by Callie Enlow.
               LHI Art-Sci Symposium -- “Why Art-Sci? Analyzing a Paradigm” -- concept & coordination.  Speakers included Aline Jaimes – Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Science and Engineering, Systems Ecology Lab, University of Texas at El Paso; Carol LaFayette – Artist; Associate Professor Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University (College Station, TX; Richard Lowenberg -  Founding Director of the 1st-Mile Institute; Director of New Mexico Scientist/Artist Research Collaborations (NM SARC) (Santa Fe, NM); Roger Malina – Physicist, Astronomer, Editor-in-chief of Leonardo magazine, Distinguished Professor at UT Dallas and Associate Director of Arts and Technology (Dallas, TX); Andrea Polli – Artist; art-science project initiator (Albuquerque, NM); Lucinda Presley - Executive Director, ICEE (Institute where Creativity Empowers Education) Success (Tyler, TX); Francesca Samsel – Artist (Austin, TX); Beverly Singer – Filmmaker; Associate Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies (Ethnology), University Regents Lecturer, Director, Institute for American Indian Research (Albuquerque, NM); Ruth West - Interdisciplinary media artist-researcher; Associate Professor at University of North Texas,cross- appointed in the College of Visual Arts and Design / New Media, College of Information / Library and Information Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences / Biological Sciences and the iARTA research cluster; director, xREZ lab (Denton, TX). Symposium served as one of the first convenings of TXHATS (Texas Humanities Arts Technologies Sciences).
2011	LHI Art-Sci Symposium – “Land as Lab” – concept & coordination.  Speakers included Peter and Hadley Arnold, Arid Lands Institute (Burbank, CA); Texas arts writers Anjali Gupta (San Antonio) and Ariel Evans (Austin); San Antonio artists Buster Graybill and Chris Sauter, San Antonio invasive species specialist and restoration ecologist Kelly Lyons; San Antonio Westside curandero Don Jacinto Madrigal and his muse, Dr. Elizabeth de la Portilla; iLand founder and choreographer Jennifer Monson (New York, NY); M12’s Kirsten Stoltz (Yuma and Denver, CO); Nancy Zastudil of PLAND (Tres Piedras, NM).

2010        LHI/FOTOSEPTIEMBRE-USA Artist-in-Residenc Program-collaborative concept & coordination.  Nancy Cavendar Garcia (lead artist)’s Diverse Cultures / One Land.   Reported on in the South Side Reporter, September 16, 2010.  Green Spaces Alliance “Picture Your World” arts education component.   

2009 	LHI Art-Sci Symposium – “The Nature of Place: Land Art/Land Use” – concept & coordination. Speakers included Joan Jonas (artist, MIT), Erik Knutzen (Center for Land Use Interpretation), Lucy Lippard (writer, curator), Celia Alvarez Muñoz (artist), Ann Reynolds (art historian, University of Texas @ Austin), Sandy Stone (ACT-LAB, University of Texas @ Austin), Chris Taylor (Land Arts of the American West, Texas Tech), Dr. Alston Thoms (archeologist, Texas A&M), Ramon Vasquez (American Indians of Texas).  Reviewed in Art Lies, A Contemporary Art Quarterly, Issue 65.

2009        LHI/FOTOSEPTIEMBRE-USA Artist-in-Residenc Program-collaborative concept & coordination.  Ansen Seale’s The Corn Crib. Green Spaces Alliance “Picture Your World” arts education component.

2003-05	East Theo Street: A Neighborhood With A Mission, concept & coordination of an arts-in-community project in the Mission Concepción community commissioning collaborations between artists, arts organizations and residents culminating in intergenerational front yard installations informed by anecdotal oral histories, vernacular architecture and remembered rituals sponsored by Mexico North Research Network, the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park and Los Campadres de San Antonio Missions and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs.
               Artist Selection Committees & Selected Artists: 
               Art Lies/Angali Gupta:  Jacqueline Arnett (2005)
               Art Pace/Kate Greene:  Rhonda Kuhlman, Regis Shephard (2004)
               Blue Star Art Center/Bernice Appelin-Williams:  Andy Benavides & Anastacia Uriegas, Ben Mata (2003)
               The Bower/Johanna Fauerso:  Seth Camm, Chuck Ramirez (2004)
               Esperanza Center/Gloria Ramirez: Michael Marînez, Deborah Vasquez (2003)
               The P.E.A.C.E. Initiative/Patricia Castillo: David Zamora Casas (2005)
               Sala Diaz/Hills Snyder:  Rae Cuthbert, Ethel Shipton (2003)
               San Anto Cultural Arts/Manuel Diosdado Castillo, Jr.:  Cruz Ortiz & Ruth Buentello; Juan Ramos & Joanna Armijo Zamarron (2004)                       
               RC Gallery/Rhonda Kuhlman:  Peter Zubiate (2005)
               Urban-15/Catherine Cisneros:  George & Antonio Cisneros (2005)        
2002:  	HACER:South.  Project Director, San Antonio, TX; preliminary development of a southside cultural arts district/cultural-eco-tourism plan for South San Antonio sponsored by Mexico-North Research Network through a National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Community Arts grant.

1998-02:  SPARTS:  Southtown Supports the Arts.  Director, San Antonio, TX; four year operational grant from City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs; developed programs with artists for final year of Burnet Elementary School, feeder school for the second oldest public housing project in the country scheduled for 1998 demolition; culminated with a Play Day in collaboration with Jump-Start Performance Co., San Antonio Children’s Museum, Southwest School of Art & Craft. 
               1999-00: Website development and quarterly newsletter for the Mainstreet Alliance of San Antonio (Southtown);  
               2000-02:  Place choreographer-in-residence at Herff Elementary School (formerly Burnet); serve on Herff’s Instructional Leadership Team as community representative; supervise summer arts camp, Art Smart at Blue Star Art Space; active participant in formation of the Cultural Alliance of San Antonio and the San Antonio Arts in Education Task Force; authored Neighborhood Heritage Initiative grant for commission of Carlos Cortes bus-shelter on Presa;  
               2001-02:  Conjunto Heritage Taller: Help develop neighborhood school for traditional acoustic conjunto music.

1995-6	Remember November=Mes de Memorias.  Conceived, compiled and distributed calendar of art, activism and things to remember in San Antonio, TX between Dia de los Muertos (Nov. 2) & Day Without Art/World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), 1995/6 

1995	AVENIDA:  A Venue for Art, Architecture & Ideas.  Co-organizer; international symposium conducted at City Council Chambers, the San Antonio Museum of Art & the San Antonio Central Library, San Antonio, TX; 2-6/95

1993	ACMOW: Arts Contingent for the March on Washington.  Co-organizer.  Washington, DC

1992 	Women's Action Coalition/WAC.  Initiator.  Austin, TX

1993-04 	Penny's House.  Host to  scores of artists/activists travelling through San Antonio for hours, days, weeks, months including:  Bill Davenport (visual artist-Houston), Coco Fusco (writer/cultural critic-New York), Brian Freeman (writer/performer/activist-Los Angeles, CA), Guillermo Gomez-Peña (performance artist/writer-Mexico Ciy/San Francisco), Irene Herrera (musician-Columbia), Aisha K. (writer/activist-Tennessee), Kumiko Kumoto (dancer/choreographer-Japan/New York), Grace Mi-Hi Li (choreographer-Philadelphia), Giles Lyon (visual artist-Houston/New York), Lourdes Perez (musician-Austin), Hortensia Ramirez (performance artist-Mexico City), Margery Segal (choreographer-Austin), Carmelita Tropicana (performance artist-New York) plus members of the  Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (New York), DAH Theater (Yugoslavia), The Field (New York), Kuumba House (Houston), Taller Puertoriqueño (Philadelphia)

1994-01 	VaN.  Co-organizer of an artist-driven arts residency program supported by City of San Antonio & TX Commission on the Arts; 1994-95:  Elia Arce (performance artist-Costa Rica/Los Angeles), Jaime Ortega (choreographer-Mexico City/New York City), Rick Lowe (visual artist-Houston), Zocalo Mobile Village (interdisciplinary arts-Houston, TX); 1995-96:  Marcus Kuilland-Nazario (performance artist-Los Angeles), Zakes Mofokeng (storyteller-South Africa), Mark Pauline (Survival Research Laboratories/San Francisco), Ntozake Shange (writer), Melanie Smith (visual artist-MexicoCity/London); 1996-97:  Laura Aguilar (visual artist-Los Angeles, CA), Sally Jacques (interdisciplinary artist/activist-Austin, TX) Maria Limon (writer/actiovist -Austin, TX),Vicky Meeks (visual artist-Dallas), Michael Peranteau (AIDS/Arts activist-Houston, TX), Wendy Watress (curator; Houston, TX).
               1997-2001:  Co-litigant, Esperanza et al v. City of San Antonio.  Summarized in La Voz, December 2001/January 2002 by attorney Amy Kastely.

2017        #queergrito ~ esperanza 3.0. An exhibition of cultural output by lgbtqia+ artists/cultural workers in response to current socio-political crises. The exhibition opened June 10, 2017 as part of the Esperanza Center’s 30th Anniversary celebration. Co-queerated by Penny Boyer, Gianna Rendon and Eliza Perez.

2012        ¡Queers, Presente! 25 años ~ 25 artists.  An exhibition of work by LGBTQ artists who have exhibited at the Esperanza Center during its historic roster of social justice art shows dating back to 1988 including a series of lesbian and gay exhibits celebrating Gay Pride in the late 80s and into the 90s.  These highly visible, pro-active events exhibited at the original Center at 1305 N. Flores Street eventually led to the eviction of the Esperanza in 1993, the day after the 5th Annual Lesbian & Gay Art Show, “Closets: Queer Experiences,” opened to considerable content-based controversy.  A few years later the controversy culminated in the defunding of the Esperanza’s cultural arts programming by the San Antonio City Council in 1997.  In 2001, funding for Esperanza’s cultural arts programming was restored after The Esperanza Center won an historic lawsuit against the City of San Antonio.

2007	Qué Queer San Antonio! Exhibit surveying “his”tories and “her”itages of San Antonio lesbian, gay, bisexual, Two-Spirit, transgender and queer communities.  Esperanza Center, San Antonio, TX, 7/07.

1995  	Re-Defining Lesbians:Power/Transition. National visual arts exhibit held in conjunction with the Women’s Caucus of the College Art Association Conference, Esperanza Center, San Antonio, TX, 1/95.  As queerator, published “An Endyklopedia of Exhibited Artists” as exhition “catalog”/accompanying ephemera.

1994	Who We Art.  Co-curator of exhibition of local art by the LGBT community, Esperanza Center, San Antonio, TX.

Selection Panelist
2015        Texas Commission on the Arts Arts Respond Projects Selection Panelist.
2010        San Antonio River Foundation.  Mission Reach - Concepcion Park Community Portal Public Artist Selection Committee; Stacy Levy selected.
1999        San Antonio Public Works enhancement project artist selection committee for Florida Street improvements project; Anne Wallace chosen. 1996	Ohio Arts Council.  Panelist for Interdisciplinary Artists Fellowship Program.  Columbus, OH; 12/96
1995        City of San Antonio Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs.  Selection Panelist, Multidisciplinary Arts Panel.

Public Presentations 
2019        Panel organizer/panelist, “Legends from the formation of the Field: NAAO & NCFE,” Common Field Convening, Philadelphia, PA
2015        Talk on Art & Environment at Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance fundraiser, October 16, 2015, San Antonio, TX
2014        “Eclectic Community Escriture,” at Mini-Conference: Transforming Communities Through Writing/Capturing Local History, Gemini Ink, July 20, 2014, San Antonio, TX
2013        “Reading: My Great High-Roofed House,” Bluestockings Bookstore, May 21, 2013, New York, NY
1995	San Antonio Museum of Art.  Panelist on Arts Censorship.  San Antonio, TX.  
1992	The Advocacy Institute.  Panelist on New Technologies. Washington, DC
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force 1992 Creating Change Conference.  Panelist on Arts Censorship.  Los Angeles, CA

Performer/Creative Collaborator*
1982 – 	In performance works by artists including Anne Bogart, Ping Chong, Ain Gordon, Ruth Margraff, Tim Miller, Stephen Petronio and the Talent Family (David & Amy Sedaris) at venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival, Creative Time's Art on the Beach, Dance Theatre Workshop, the Danspace Project and Poetry Project Performance Series at St. Mark's Church, The Dance Place (Washington, DC), the Empire Theatre and the McNay Art Museum (San Antonio, TX), P.S. 1, Performance Space 122, Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT), Salvage Vanguard Theatre (Austin, TX), San Pedro Playhouse Basement Theatre (San Antonio, TX), Spirit Square (Charlotte, NC), Spoleto/USA (Charleston, SC) and National Public Radio’s “This American Life.”  

Visual Artist/Creative Collaborator
2012        Participation in the “Exile Writing: Arts and Technologies of Women” interactive online installation at the El Mundo Zurdo exhibition for the 2012 conference o the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldua at the University of Texas at San Antonio
2011	      TRIPtych – development of a series of Travel Related Invisible Performance screens (digital travel shorts) available for viewing @
1993-	Works shown at Blue Star on Houston Street project, Blue Star Art Space’s Arts & Eats and Red Dot Events, the Esperanza Center, and Franco Mondini-Ruiz’ infamous Infinito Botanica

Arts-In-Education Guest Artist
2005-7	CHALK-IT-UP.  Artpace, San Antonio, TX
2002        Blue Star/SPARTS Summer Arts Camp - artist liaison
2001        Blue Star/SPARTS Arts Camp (concept and direction) for Burnett and Bonham students (Victoria Courts and other Southtown kids comingle in historic highly visible and very successful desegregation arts ed experiment)
1996	URBAN SmARTS.  Guest Artist, Tafolla Middle School. City of San Antonio Dept. of Arts & Cultural Affairs. 2-5/96

2019       Local Initiatives Support Corporation (San Antonio, TX). Creative Placemaking Consultant.
2018-      Esperanza Center solar mural installation at J.T. Brackenridge Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
2010 	Land Heritage Institute & FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA (San Antonio, TX). Special Projects Coordinator.
2005	NRP Group.  Writer.  Development of prospectus brochure.
	San Antonio City Council District 3.  Copy writer.  Development of re-election campaign material.
2003-4	Mexico-North Research Network.  Coordinator, South San Antonio Cultural Initiative; Development Associate; fieldwork among the Tarahumara/Rarámuri peoples of Chihuahua, Mexico, 4/03
1997	Centro Cultural Aztlan/1996 Lowrider Festival.  Publicity consultant. San Antonio, TX; 4/97
1996	Blue Star Arts Complex.  Public relations consultant.  San Antonio, TX; 11/95-5/96
	Centro Cultural Aztlan/1996 Lowrider Festival and Show.  Publicity consultant. San Antonio, TX; 3-4/96, 9-10/96
1995	Dance Umbrella (Austin).  The 2nd Texas Dance Conference consultant/facilitator.  
	National Performance Network.  Arts Wire tutor/telecommunications consultant, Annual Meeting, San
	Antonio, TX, 11/95
1994	National Performance Network.  Arts Wire tutor/telecommunications consultant. Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 11/94
	San Antonio Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art.  Consultant, curator, grantwriter.
	The Association of American Cultures/TAAC.  Telecommunications consultant.  San Antonio, TX.  
	Visual AIDS.  Arts Wire mentor.  New York, NY. 
1993 	Maryland Art Place.  Board retreat facilitator.  Baltimore, MD
	National Performance Network.  Telecommunications consultant.  New York, NY
	New York Shakespeare Festival's Mo' Madness Festival.  Creative consultant.  New York, NY.  

2018-19  Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas, Board Member, San Antonio, TX
2017       Alamo Area Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists, Board Member and Program Director. San Antonio, TX
2016       Texas Master Naturalist certification.
               Climate Reality Leadership Corps Mentor, Houston, TX
2015       Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training. Cedar Rapids, IA.
2014       Fembot collective, member.
2010	San Antonio River Foundation.  Member, Mission Concepción Portal Commission selection committee..
	Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas’ “Picture Your World” youth photography competition selection committee.
2007-14	San Antonio River Authority: 
	Environmental Advisory Committee, representing “the Public” (2007-2012)
	Texas Clean Rivers Program Steering Committee member, representing “the Public” (2007-2012)
	Regional Parks Coordinating Council, representing South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce (2008-2014)
2006-11	Mission Trails Oversight Committee, representing South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
2004-7	San Antonio Carousel Foundation, advocacy and fundraising
2003-05  	Neighborhood Resource Center, board member
2001-10 	Land Heritage Institute of the Americas (LHI).  Founding Board Representative for S. San Antonio Chamber of Commerce; LHI Executive Committee member, Board
2000-03	Solar San Antonio.  Board member.  San Antonio, TX.
1999-11   South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.  Board member, 1999-2003, Advisory Board Member 2003-2011  
1999-03 	Cultural Alliance of San Antonio  Founding member; Chair, Community Presence Committee, 2000-2001
1999-00	Presa Real. Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization project.  San Antonio, TX.  Board Member
2002-03  	Lavaca Neighborhood Association, President Emeritus; Attempted to initiate neighborhood public market 
1999-01  	Lavaca Neighborhood Association, President
	•  Served as active community liaison with City of San Antonio and San Antonio Housing Authority regarding redevelopment of Victoria Courts site
			•  Published bi-monthly newsletter; negotiated with King William Association to jointly publish and mail
			•  Coined term EsPresa for promotion of S. Presa Street commercial corridor
			•  Ushered community through development of the Lavaca Neighborhood Plan
	•  Further development of the Presa Street Pocket Park/Public Art project including completion of City of San Antonio Neighborhood Improvement Challenge Grant project
			•  Lobbying and application for national and local historic districting
			•  City of San Antonio Neighborhood Conservation District designation
1997-9	Lavaca Neighborhood Association, Vice President
			•  Authored essay that won 1999 Neighborhood Resource Center Mayor’s Award ($1,000 prize for neighborhood)
			•  Conception and development of the Presa Street Pocket Park/Public Art project
1996-7 	San Antonio Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.  Board member.  San Antonio, TX  1996 -97
	•  Coordinator of public forums, Fall 1996:  Libraries & Censorship (Oct); HIV & Privacy (Nov)
1995-06	Main Street Alliance of San Antonio (Southtown).  Board member. 1995-96; Vice President of Community Affairs, 1996-97;  Board member, 2001- 2006
	•  Initiator/coordinator, SPARTS program linking youth population of Victoria Courts community to projects of area artists through support from the Texas Commission on the Arts and San Antonio Fighting Back of the United Way.
	•  Occasional newsletter editor for this community development corporation encompassing the King William Historic District; Lavaca, San Antonio's oldest existing neighborhood; Baja King William; Blue Star Arts Complex;Victoria Comm.

2019       Local Initiatives Support Corporation. Creative Placemaking Consultant. San Antonio, TX (contractual part-time) to execute National Endowment for the Arts Solar Mural artwork projects at Ella Austin Community Center (Eastside) and JT Brackenridge Elementary School (Westside)
12/17-5/18   Land Art Generator Initiative.  Project Manager.  San Antonio, TX (contractual flexi-time)
2013-14  DiscoverText. Coder. Online. Part-time.
2010-17  Land Heritage Institute.  Special Projects Director/LHI Art-Sci Projects Director.  San Antonio, TX. (Flex-P/T - $100-$500/mo.)
1997 - 	Disability diagnosed; Social Security Disability Insurance commenced as primary/sole income
1995	San Antonio Dance Umbrella.  Director.  San Antonio, TX.  1/95-1/96.
	•  Co-Organized ENTERING A DANCE ADVANCED STATE:  The 1st Texas Conference on Dance
	•  Editor, Si Dance Is:  S.A. Dance As, a quarterly journal for the local dance community
	•  Initiated, curated and hosted W-I-P:  Wednesdays-In-Performance/Works-In-Progress
	•  Coordinated !JUERGA!, a festival of Mexican and Spanish dance at the 1995 King William Fair
               •  Assisted coordination of 1995 National Performance Network Annual Mtg.; maintained office, mailing lists, grant material
1994-95   Arts Wire CURRENT. Editor. Among the earliest on-line national weekly news digests, Arts Wire, a project of NYFA 
1989-93	National Association of Artists' Organizations. Washington, DC.  Associate Director (1/92-7/93), Assistant Director (7/89-1/92). 
	•  Coordinator:  8th NAAO Conference (Austin, TX); 7th NAAO Conference (Smithsonian Institution); 6th NAAO Conference (Minneapolis, MN)
	•  Editor:  NAAO Directory, Bulletin, Inventory, advocacy Flashes and FAX alerts 
	•  Project Director:  Multi-Site Collaborations Program & Organizational Assistance Program 
	•  Board relations; lobbying, advocacy & lawsuit support; conference planning/execution; membership coordinator; development
	•  Start-up support for National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
	•  NAAO representation at national/international meetings including:   Arts Working Group legislative review meetings, Congressional hearings, Free Expression Network, NAAO regional meetings, National Council on the Arts meetings,  NEA overview panel meetings, national service organization roundtables with the NEA Chair (ongoing); Alternate ROOTS (89, 91, 92);  La Napoule  Foundation/France (90);  National Performance Network (91); USIA/Arts America Latin American delegation presentation (91); Visual AIDS steering committee meetings (90) 
1989	National Endowment for the Arts.  Temporary Program Specialist, Inter-Arts(4-7/89) / Arts Administration Fellowship (1-3/89).  Support staff for first funding cycle of Artists Projects:  New Forms category.  Washington, DC
1983-88	Theatre Communications Group (TCG).  Artists Services Assistant.  New York, NY        
	•  Assistant to Associate Director/Director of Artist Services (86-88), Assistant to Director of Artist Services (83-86), Assistant to Casting Director (84-86)
               •  Program specialist:  Alan Schneider Award, Artist Roundtables, TCG/NEA Director Fellows Program, TCG Observership Program, Zeisler Award; Editor: TCG Artist Bulletin; TCG National Conference 

2019        Common Field Convening, Philadelphia, PA. Panel organizer/participant.
2016        SXSW ECO - full scholarship
2015        Climate Reality Leadership Corps - training program, Cedar Rapids, IA
2013, 14  FemTechNet Summer Workshops - Los Angeles & New York
2011, 12
2015        ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Arts: Istanbul (2011), Albuquerque-scholarship (2012), Vancouver-fee waiver (2015)       
2008-9 	Texas HELP (Hands-On Experiential Learning Project) Governance Training for small rural museums sponsored by Mid-America Arts Alliance and the Meadows Foundation; LHI participant, Austin, TX
1998	circuits@nys:  the arts in the digital age, 1st Governor’s Conference on Arts and Technology, fully-subsidized participant, Palisades, NY
	South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class, Southtown delegate, San Antonio, TX
1995:  	RAT [regional alternative theatre] Conference.  San Antonio subsidized delegate.  Seattle, WA. 
1994:  	ART-21.  First federally convened conference on the arts.  Full subsidy participant.  Chicago, IL 
Free Idea Zone.  Residency participant.  Santa Cruz & San Francisco, CA

2020        PEN America pandemic year artist grant ($500)
                Artist Relief pandemic year artist grant ($5000)
                Luminaria Technical Assistance grant
1994	Individual Artist Grant, City of San Antonio Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs
1989	Fellowship in Arts Administration, National Endowment for the Arts

2013           •  Contemporary Art Month “CAMMIE” Award - Art is Life and Life is Art Award (The Unexpected Venue): The Land Heritage Institute LHI Art-Sci Symposium
2005  	•  Community Beautification Award from Scenic San Antonio for South Presa Street enhancements
2001	•  Recipient of commemorative brick for community leadership from San Antonio Water System
2000	•  Profiles in Leadership Award from San Antonio Professional Women’s League
1999-2000	•  Who’s Who in American Women (unsolicited entry)
1999	•  Partner In Education Award from San Antonio Independent School District
1998 	•  Celebrating the Journey Award for Excellence from San Antonio Fighting Back of the United Way
•  Certificate of Appreciation from Burnet Elementary School
•  Joe Frost Play Advocate Award from The University of the Incarnate Word World of Play
 Certificate of Excellence from San Antonio Police Department

1980	National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs, Research & Evaluation Asst. to Olivia Cadaval, Festivals and the Politics of Culture Project (videotape and guide), Washington, DC.


2006	CORNYATION (Mister Danny Geisler project)			Libby La Vaca		           Sunset Station, San Antonio, TX

2005	CORNYATION (Adam Flores project)				Queen Elizabeth 	            Empire Theatre, San Antonio, TX

2004	MRS. McNAY (Henry Rayburn project				Mrs. McNay		            McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
	CORNYATION (Mister Danny Geisler project)			Elizabeth Taylor	            Empire Theatre, San Antonio, TX

2002	BEYOND POST TO KELLOG’S (Hills Snyder project)		Recessitator		            McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
               THE OCTETTE BRIDGE CLUB					Lil			            San Pedro Playhouse Cellar Theatre

1997	THE LITTLE FREIDA MYSTERIES (David Sedaris/writer)	Little Freida		            The Club @ La Mama, NYC
	WORLD PREMIERE: THE HEART OF GOODTIMES SQ.       Linda		                        This American Life/National Public 
                (David Sedaris/writer)                                                                                                                      Radio, national & on-line,             
                                                                                                                                                                         “DELIVERY” edition

1996	SWIMSUIT SUITE, OPUS IV:  EVERY BODY  (original)            Solo			             Internat’l Womens Day Rally, SATX
	WALLPAPER PSALM (Ruth Margraff, writer/director)	           Her Sister		             Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin

1995	SWIMSUIT SUITE, OPUS III:  HOOP-LA (original)		Duet	              	             Zocalo Mobile Village, LaTuna, SATX

1994	HARD WORK (Ain Gordon, writer/director)			Various roles		              Soho Rep/New York, NY
               SWIMSUIT SUITE, OPUS II:  COUNT THE RAINDROPS         Trio			              Cafe Bizzozzo, Alternate ROOTS, SC
	SWIMSUIT SUITE, OPUS I:  HAVE A BALL (original)		 Solo			              Jump-Start Theatre, SATX

1993	DIVERSE WORKS '93 (DANCENOISE, director/choreography)  Ensemble			   Theatre Project, Maryland Art Place,             
                                                                                                                                                                            Baltimore, MD

1992	TV MOVIE (Ain Gordon, writer/director)				Darla			                Soho Rep/New York, NY

1991	KING JEAN (Katherine Griffith, writer; Phill George, dir.)		Margaret			    Reading/New York, NY
               GET IN THE CAR (Ain Gordon, writer/director)			Virginia Real		                Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC

1990	THIRTY STORIES (Ain Gordon, writer/director)			 Selma			                Performance Space 122, NYC; Dance 
                                                                                                                                                                            Place/Washington, DC; Spirit Square,             
                                                                                                                                                                            Charlotte, NC; Baltimore Museum of         
                                                                                                                                                                            Art, Baltimore, MD

1988	EPIC FAMILY EPIC (Ain Gordon, writer/director)		Speaking Siamese Twin	    Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC
               PIGS BEFORE SWINE (Kevin Duffy, director/choreographer)	Ensemble			    P.S. 122 & Eye on Dance (PBS), NY
               DARK SHADOWS (Brian Jucha, director)				Victoria Winters                           Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC
	FIRST SIGNS OF DECADANCE (Alan Pierce, director)		Rosella San Cristofa	                Strand Theatre, Schroon Lake, NY

1987	ASSIMIL (Anne Bogart, choreographer/director)			Ensemble			    Danspace at St. Mark's Church, NYC
               WOMEN IN BLACK AND WHITE (Ain Gordon, writer/dir.)	Mary the Model/Murdress	    Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC 

1986	IT'S ALL TALK II (Ain Gordon, writer/director)			 Ensemble			    Poetry Project @ St. Mark's Church     
               BIG HOUSE LITTLE HOUSE (Kevin Duffy, writer/director)       Ensemble 	                            Poetry Project @ St. Mark's Church
	LOVE YOUR MOTHER (Kevin Duffy, writer/director)		The Daughter		                Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT

1985	WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? (Carol McDowall, chor.)	Woman in Blue		    Performance Space 122 (New  Stuff)
	GETTIN' BACK ON THE HORSE (Barbara Mahler, chor.)	Ensemble			    Performance Space 122 (New  Stuff) 
	HOME AND AWAY (John Bernd, choreographer)			Ensemble			    Creative Time's Art on the Beach
               ADRIFT (WITH CLIFFORD ARNELL) (Stephen Petronio, chor.)Clifford Arnell		                DTWNYC; Spoleto-USA, Charleston
	TO BE READ ALOUD (Susan Landau, writer/director)		Woman		                Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC

1984	DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA (Tim Miller, director/chor.)	Ensemble			BAM's Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn;    
                                                                                                                                                                        P.S. 1, Queens, NY
	ADRIFT (WITH CLIFFORD ARNELL) (Stephen Petronio, chor.)  Clifford Arnell		Danspace at St. Mark's Church, NYC
	UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS (Roberta Levine, writer/dir.)The Niece		            Performance Space 122, NYC
	A RACE (Ping Chong/director)					Ensemble			La Mama Annex/New York, NY

1983	HISTORY:  AN AMERICAN DREAM (Anne Bogart, director)	Dorothy Parker		Danspace at St. Mark's Church, NYC
	PERICLES (Giles Block, director)					Thaisa			            Greer Garson Theatre Ctr/Santa Fe
               SEDUCTIONS (Gail Sheehy, writer; George C. Wolfe, dir.)	Dora			            Play in development based on Freud's     
                                                                                                                                                                        "Dora" case, NYC
	BIRTH (from Anais Nin) (Susan Landau, adapter/director)		The Woman		            Plexus/New York, NYC
	MELISMA (Phyllis Nagy, writer/Susan Landau, director)		Aunt			            NYU thesis production, NYC

1982	WOMEN & MEN:  a big dance (Anne Bogart, director/chor.)	Ensemble			P.S. 122, /NYC

1981	British American Theatre Institute with the National Theatre of Great Britian (Santa Fe, NM)
1979-80	British-American Acting Academy (New York/London)

“Neither science nor the arts can be complete without combining their separate strengths.   Science needs the intuition and metaphorical power of the arts, and the arts need the fresh blood of science.”
--Edward O. Wilson, Consilience

A view of ¡Qué Queer!: “It’s like entering a giant scrapbook,” says “Queerator” Penny Boyer.

Penelope Alice Boyer wearing an Alice In Wonderland pinafore made for her by her mother.

Penelope in The OdysseyBut please, read this dream for me, won’t you?  Listen closely…  I keep twenty geese in the house, from the water trough they come and peck their wheat—I love to watch them all... (Robert Fagles, The Odyssey, New York: Viking Books, 1996, 407)

Rhonda Kuhlman’s Theo Stret project:  fence and portal

Joanna Armijo Zamarron’s Theo Street Project

Ansen Seale’s “The Corn Crib” at Land

Heritage Institute, San Antonio, TX

David Zamora Casas’ Theo Street project

Detail from Regis Shephard’s Theo St. project

P.Boyer & R. Kuhlman Theo Street collaboration

Penny’s House

(above, beside, below)

Penny’s House

(beside, below)

Detail from Kathy Vargas’ Papa Day: Penelope Alice Boyer, 1995

Assimil [Danspace @ St. Mark’s Church, 1987]

Dark Shadows [Dance Theatre Workshop, 1988]

Epic Family Epic [Dance Theatre Workshop, 1988]

To Be Read Aloud  [Dance Theatre Workshop, 1985]

Adrift (with Clifford Arnell) [Dance Theatre Workshop, 1984]

Democracy in America [P.S. 1 and BAM’s Next Wave Festival, 1984]

Women in Black and White [Dance Theatre Workshop, 1987]

A Race [LaMama Annex, 1984]